Latest E- Commerce Trends To Start-Up Your Business

Latest E- Commerce Trends To Start-Up Your Business

  1. Subscription Based Business Are The future: Subscription based business are effective for both business and consumer. The flexibility it affords consumers and the recurring revenue it allows businesses is a massive deal for both parties.
  1. Shoppable Personalized Video: Shoppable video is not a new brand. It was launched by YouTube in late 2015 and has been gathering momentum throughout 2016.
  1. 60% Of Purchases happens During Business Hours: Marketers can use this trend to schedule their promotions across advertising channels. This trend shows how online shopping has become in our day-to-day lives.
  1. Customer Will Interact With The Artificial Intelligence And They Love It: In 2017, many consumers will have their first interaction with a chatbot, A chatbot increases the number of platforms on which a brand can transact by offering guided, interactive browsing at all times.
  2. Buyers Want To Deal With Directly With The Brands: Every consumer wants to directly deal with the brand. This trend determines the distributor or merchant.

Benefits of E-commerce Business

  • Establish an online presence: If you establish a good online presence then it will be beneficial for your business because now days 80% of people use the Internet to purchase or buy something. If your online presence will be good then you will definitely get more customers.
  • Easy to increase the customer: Most of the people visit e-commerce site to buy something because online business provide easy access and also provide different mode of payment.
  • 24/7 availability: Customer can purchase product online at any time so it’s a beneficial thing for both user and seller. 24/7 availability of your business provide services to the user and profit to the seller.
  • Sales Increasing: In last few years sales is increased in e-commerce business rather than traditional business. It is estimated that revenue of e-commerce business can be increased by 250%. For increasing sales of your business you can provide free shipping of products and can also provide world class service.
  • Selling product across the world: If you have a traditional business then you will have limited customers but if you have e-commerce business then you can sell your product across the world- wide without any geographical limit.
  • Increase brand awareness: Advertise your business as much as you can because if people see your advertise then definitely the awareness about your brand will also increase.
  • Detail Description Of Product: Provide huge information about your product so that a customer can analysis the product at the same time.

Functionality of A E-commerce Business

  • Web Hosting: A web server is needed to host your online store. There are two people one is web host and another is merchant, both are independent to each other. Web host hosts your site and merchant will receive the order and sell the product.
  • Product Catalog: Product catalog provides the details about your product to the customer. It is the part of your business where you want to invest your time and effort.
  • A mechanism to accept the order: When a user visits your catalog and decides to purchase something, there has to be a process to receive the order and that process is called Shopping Cart.
  • Payment mechanism: To receive the payment from the customer you need software that make your payment done and that software is called Payment Gateway. The payment Gateway presents the payment option to the user, identify the details, and authenticate the user.
  • Product Delivery: An e-commerce businesses need to ensure that the right product is delivered to the right customer, in good condition, and within the period that the customer expected.

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